Karat Gold Jewelry 999 鸿运金钞 - 一帆风顺【PreOrder】

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Karat Gold Jewelry 999 鸿运金钞 - 一帆风顺【PreOrder】 總分: 0 - 0評價

金钞不僅是高贵大方的立体摆设品,百福具臻更寓意着新的一年各种福运一齐来到!!集送礼,保值,珍藏于一身,合三为一!💰🧧 把这份爱的「祝福」送给亲朋戚朋友,让它成为珍贵的回忆及收藏。🤩我们的产品都是真材实料的正品,上品质量,各各都有证书及保证书哦!👍😎

种类 :999.9足金
重量 : 1g

🧧🧨Karat Gold Prosperity Good Fortune Gold Wafer🧨🧧

Karat Gold Gold Wafer is a deliverer of good fortune and prosperity. 🧧It is more than just a Gold Wafer, but also function as a displayable collectible or an investment and perfect gift!!💰🧧 Send your blessings to the ones you love, and create new moments to cherish with them.🤩Be assured all our products are comes with certified certificated & Warranty card, Guarantee 100% Authentic product.👍😎

Products Details:
Finess :999.9 Pure Gold
Weight : 1g

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