Karat Gold 999 Golden Bean 金豆

RM 325.00
Karat Gold 999 Golden Bean 金豆 總分: 0 - 0評價

One bean per month, after a long time of accumulation, you will have countless gold! This investment method is not only risk-free, but also can be determined at any time according to your own budget! Golden Beans Free of Labor Fees!

**Free storage bottle (while supplies last)

每个月一颗,累积久了后你就有数不完的黄金了!这样的投资方式不仅零风险,而且还可以随时依照自己的budget 来定!免工费金豆子!


Product detail/ 产品资料
Gold/ 成色 : 999足金
Weight/ 重量 : ±1-10g

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