999.9 Chinese Prosperity "Prosperity" Gold Coin "财"神送财 足金红包

RM 238.00
999.9 Chinese Prosperity "Prosperity" Gold Coin "财"神送财 足金红包 總分: 0 - 0評價

Karat Gold的五福临门足金红包现在已开始售卖咯!🤩 五福为福 、禄 、寿 、囍、 财~ 

With the red decorations in the shops on the street, and familiar New Year songs coming from the shops, reminding us that the Chinese New Year is just around the corner!   In the new year, whether you are looking forward to collecting or giving out, you must not miss the important symbolism of red envelopes! 

Karat Gold's Five Fortunes and Pure Gold Red Packets are now on sale! 🤩 Five blessings are blessing, lu, longevity, joy & wealth~ Having all the five blessings is the most perfect! Hurry up and buy it! ! May all five blessings be brought home and following you and your loved ones always ❤️ 

财神赋予人们以生活殷实、食禄无忧、财锦满仓祈愿 。

种类 : 999.9足金
重量 : 0.2g
直径 : 30mm

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